Central Systems

-soğutma üniteleri-merkezi sistem resmi


Technical Details

  • Semi-Hermetic or Scroll Compressor
  • Oil Tank, Oil Seperator, Oil Pressure Stabilizer Valve
  • Suction and Pressing Lines Vibration Absorbers
  • Pressure Control Switches
  • High Capacity Coolant Tank
  • Check Valves and Ball Valves


Optional Features

  • Inverter System which provides 25% Energy Saving
  • Acoustic Isolation
  • Fan Cycle Control
  • Fan Inverter
  • Custom Made Design


Advantages of Central Systems

  • Low Investment Cost
  • High Efficiency and Cooling Capacity
  • Space Saving Design
  • All Units can be watched locally with a Micro Processor
  • Easiness both in Installation and Maintenance
  • Continous Refrigeration